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Remember how everyone’s favorite part of Heath Ledger’s performance in Brokeback Mountain was his almost painful physical repression, his reluctance to express any emotion that wasn’t punching or SHUTTING DOWN? His voice was closed in on itself in a…

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i have a bad cough rn but not like a cute cough more like a cough that your dad does after inhaling too much smoke from BBQing an entire cow 

Anonymous said : your cheekbones were made in heaven oh my god your face is pure perfection 

i like you. ♥ thank you hehehehehe 

Anonymous said : that frozen/jack frost fan-art was actually ripped from sakami-chan an artist who has a tumblr and does a lot of genderbent fanart you can see her name on the frames 

sakimi-chan yeah I follow her on deviantart actually! she’s amazing :D you should all go follow her because her stuff if amazing… I could do a post actually and put some proper credit!!! 


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Anonymous said : your blog is sooo amazing!!!! but it always makes me want to buy new clothes so i can recreate some of the styles you blog :D 

ahhh I’m glad you like it! thank you ・:*:・(*/////∇/////*)・:*:・ I’m a nightmare for buying loads of new fabric all the time and hoarding it to make clothes, so much inspiring stuff out there I totally feel that ♥